Mission / Vision

Welcome to Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church, a congregation of the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

GUIDED by the Grace of God

CALLED to transform lives

IGNITING the Spirit within

SERVING as Christ in the world

INSPIRING others to walk with Jesus.


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Share God’s Word Show God’s Love Serve God

Grace – We follow Jesus as our Lord and Savior and valuing grace is paramount.

Worship – God loves everyone and everyone deserves to be loved. Faith in God is imperative.

Service – Every member is meaningfully involved in ministry. Everyone has a purpose and we desire to use our spiritual gifts in service to our world. We are a servant church.

Discipleship – We invite all to join us and desire growth through discipleship.

Joy – We worship in joyful celebration of what God has done and is doing for us.

Family – We honor family and desire to build healthy and productive relationships within them.

Faith Community – Our church family is committed to developing relationships with each other.

Journey – We constantly seek to grow in faith and deepen our knowledge of the Word both in worship and in various educational programs.

Hope – We are a church for the community guided by generosity, hospitality, and forgiveness.

Health – We foster the health of the mind, body, and spirit.