Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is an educational fund to assist those pursuing faith formation opportunities. This governmental body is made up of 5 elected board members each serving 5-year terms. Their role is to encourage, receive and administer monetary gifts, including managing an endowment education fund in accordance to grantors’ wishes and congregation policies, while maintaining loyalty and devotion to the Lord to ensure the fund can continue to provide educational gifts to children and young adults in need.

The Board distributes portions of the endowment fund in the form of grants given to young adults for college tuition, seminary, nursing or medical school; for church-related camping and leadership conferences, or other such training which enables members of this congregation to grow in Christian faith and service to God’s people.

How to apply for scholarships:

When applying for camp/scholarship funds, supporting documentation such as transcripts and receipts are required to be included with the application for the request to be considered for approval.

Apply online for funds for camp at: ENDOWMENT BOARD CAMP REQUEST or print out a PDF copy of the application here, return it to the church office, or email to scholarships@relchurch.net. For post-secondary scholarships, please read the ENDOWMENT FUND GUIDELINES for qualifying and applying for scholarship awards.  You may apply online at ENDOWMENT BOARD SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST; or print PDF copy of the application, return it to the church office or email to scholarships@relchurch.net.

Note: To evaluate all scholarship applicants on a consistent credit hour basis, applicants attending colleges and universities with non-traditional credit hours are required to include a conversion chart with the application.


If you have questions about the process of applying for the Endowment Fund, you can send a message to the Endowment Board by completing the form below.