What We Believe


Welcome to the church family of Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church, a congregation of the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

We are a faith community, grounded in Jesus, delighting in being together, worshiping the Lord together and serving in ministry together.

Our Core Beliefs

Word Alone
The Bible is the inspired Word of God, revealing who God is and God’s dream for us. As such, Scripture is our authority and guide for living.

Christ Alone
The question isn’t so much, “What if Jesus is like God?” but “What if God is like Jesus?” Jesus is God’s self-revelation. God intervened in our broken world in the life, death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sin, salvation and newness of life.

churchFaith Alone
The Christian faith is not primarily about believing a set of doctrines. Faith is primarily about relationships:  Loving God with all our heart, mind and spirit and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Grace Alone
It’s not how good we are that matters, but how good our Jesus is. We celebrate in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion the forgiveness of sin, salvation and newness of life freely given to us as gifts of God’s unconditional, 100% undeserved love and grace.

outsideGod’s Dream for All of Us
We are at the same time and all the time both sinner and saint, capable of creating hurt and pain but also capable of creating love and compassion. God’s dream for us is that we become the best version of ourselves.

God has created us and all that exists and continues to bless his creation and us with all that we have including life itself. The Creator asks us to be good steward/managers of the creation and all its blessings.

Core Values
✟Welcoming hospitality
✟Participatory worship
✟Relationships that matter
✟Intentional faith formation
✟Mission and ministries that make a difference
✟Generous giving
✟Matthew 25 outreach to others

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