As a church, we are going to start walking the path of intentional relationship together. This is a view of church outside of merely giving an hour on Sunday morning. It is a way of viewing the church as a journey that we walk together every day with people that care about us. This inter-connectedness is for all ages as we seek to fulfill the baptismal promises that we have made for our children and which have been made for us.

Here’s how we are doing this:


We have had small groups for a long time. Women Circles, quilting groups, our parish nurse ministries, prison ministry, and some adult bible studies. As we look to develop everyone’s relationship with God, however, we see that there is room for growth. This Fall will see the unfolding of new small groups that seek to offer all members of our congregation a place to connect.

1. Parenting a Parent: A Support Group for those who find themselves in the role of caring for aging parents.  This group is being formed and those interested are asked to meet between services on Sunday, September 16.

2. Fermentation Group: A Fellowship Group that will learn about fermenting all sorts of things, from grains to vegetables.

3. Parent’s Connection: A Fellowship and Support Group that will meet Wednesday night after the mid-week meal in the courtyard at 6:15pm. Members of this small group will have a chance to share and pray over struggles, as well as relax and enjoy a time of fellowship through games or further conversation. The nursery will be staffed during this time.

4. Men’s Bible Study: A Study Group that will meet on Saturday mornings at Billy’s café in Gretna at 7:00am. This will be the foundation group upon which further men’s ministry will be built. Men’s bible study will be using the Men’s Master Builder Bible.

5. Theology on Tap: The is a Fellowship Group that is meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at Brag N Rights at 7:00pm. This group shares questions about the bible or topics of the day and seeks a Lutheran Christian’s approach to answer.

6. Walking Group: As part of our health ministries this group will have several opportunities this Fall.  Sue Lobsiger is the leader.

7. Logos: A weekly Study Group that will meet in the conference room at 10:00am on Tuesday morning. This group will look ahead at Sunday’s worship texts in order to be better prepared to receive God’s word.

8. OWLS:  (Older but Wiser Lutherans) A Fellowship Group for those who are over 55. To begin the group will meet on the 4th Thursday of the month for supper at a location which will be announced ahead of time.  The group also meets on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon of each month for a social opportunity — scheduled for 3:30pm so as to take advantage of the Mid-Week Meal & Program to follow.

9. Prayer Team: A Support and Service Group that will steward the congregation’s prayer list. The PT will also be present to pray over specific meetings of the church where decisions that shape the future of our ministry are discussed, i.e. council and the annual meeting. This will be done so that these groups will know that they are being prayed for and so that the church will know that the Spirit is invoked in all of our decision making.

11.  Women’s Fellowship:  A long-standing organization for women who meet to study the Bible and share an hour or so of conversation, as well.  Our offerings serve to provide the funds for quilting material for Lutheran World Relief and furnishings in the church, and to go toward worthy causes in the ELCA and locally.  There are two circles; the Dorcas Circle, which meets on the third Tuesday of most months at 9:00am and the Miriam/Ruth Circle, which meets on the third Thursday of most months at 2:00pm at SilverRidge Assisted Living Center.

12.  Cribbage Group:  Expert and beginners meet once a month for cribbage, fellowship and fun in the Courtyard on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.

13:  Quilting Group:  Women with a passion for quilting or just helping others meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm to tie quilts that they have pieced.  These quilts are shipped once a year to Lutheran World Relief, where other women in foreign countries use them to wrap their children in, to provide shelter as a roof, or a multitude of other uses.  Members of our quilting group can choose to sew pieces together or they may just want to come and tie the quilts.  The group also creates quilts for our Senior Quilt Day in the spring when graduating high school students receive a blessing and a quilt.

14.  Oasis:  The name says it all; a chance for parents to take a breather and share grownup conversation while the kiddos are meeting with their friends in our Wednesday Night groups.


Along with our adult small groups the church will offer Youth Groups for all ages. These groups are again intended to help our kids and their parents form relationships with one another. Throughout the year these groups will engage in activities for service and for fun outside the walls of our building and Sunday School.

1. Fish: The Fish Youth Group is for Pre-K through Kindergarten and meet in the Nursery every Wednesday evening.

2. Lambs: The Lambs Youth Group is for 1st grade through 5th. Lambs meet every Wednesday following the Mid-Week Meal.  We are always looking for individuals to lead or help lead the lessons on Wednesday nights.  You need not commit to each and every one — just one or several.  You’ll receive the curriculum from Tyler the week before, so you will have a chance to look it over.  Check out the schedule here.  And if you’d like to sign up to help out, here’s the Signup Genius link.

3. Lions: The Lions Youth Group is for 6th through 8th grade. Their events are made up of the service projects, fellowship events, and field trips built into the confirmation program.

4. Underground: Our established High School Youth Group which will continue to meet on Wednesday nights.

As you can see, God is always making us new. I encourage everyone to get deeper into the life of the congregation, so that you can experience a Resurrection life. If none of these groups sound right for you, let us know what does sound right and what you will be willing to do to see it done.  Call the office at 402-332-3383 for more information on any of these groups.