Senior High Youth Group

The sense of fellowship that RELC offers extends to high school teenagers. RELC hosts a Senior High Youth Group for freshman-through-senior grades. Calling themselves “The Underground”, the teens participate in spiritual/physical activities to – keep faith in God strong.

During the Summer, our teenagers participate in a “Box City” program, sleeping in cardboard boxes in the city of Omaha to raise awareness about homeless. What an experience!!!

Summers bring an opportunity for the youth to travel to other cities for mission opportunities.  They travel by bus and work for their stay at locations along the way; with cleanup chores, painting and the like.  The trips provide insight into the lives of people and families who might not have the advantages that our children see here in our city.

Giving back to others less fortunate within the Gretna and greater Omaha communities is a key group mission. The teens help organize food drives for the local Project Hope and Gretna Neighbors food pantries.

With today’s societal pressures, this group is an ideal place for teens to be – complete with meaningful activities within a safe & fun environment. Awesomeness!

To join the Senior High Youth Group, please contact the office at 402-332-3383.

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