S.O.C.K Program

Are you a college student, going to technical school, graduate school, getting your doctorate, or do you have someone pursuing further education in your family? We’d love to keep you connected to your home congregation while you’re furthering your education, wherever that may be! Are you in the Omaha area for school but don’t have a home congregation while at school? We’d love to connect you with some support here!

S.O.C.K, or Sponsoring Our College Kids, is a program designed to make intergenerational connections between people within our congregation to college/post-secondary education students so that these students can be sent care packages, letters, and be prayed for during the year by their SOCK sponsor! The SOCK sponsor will be kept anonymous during the year, and you’ll be able to meet them at the SOCK cookout at the end of the year (June 2020). The exact date of the cookout will be announced in 2020. This program is open to anyone pursuing a post-high school and or secondary education of any kind!

If you are interested in participating, follow this link to sign up!

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, follow this link to sign up!

Deadline to sign up as a sponsor OR a participant is August 20th!

Once you sign up, your survey answers will be given to your sponsor after the deadline, and you should hear from them soon afterwards!