Resurrection Café

coffee-n-donuts (400x220)As with most Lutheran churches, the coffee pot at Resurrection is always on and coffee and doughnuts are a line item in the budget!  Each Sunday morning around 9:30, our folks start to gather around the tables in the lobby and sip hot coffee and sample the tasty doughnuts.  We find it is a great way to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in awhile, touch base with other service team members and get acquainted with new members, as well.

Volunteers pick up the doughnuts from a local baker and start the coffee.  Regular, decaf, and flavored coffees are offered along with a variety of favorite doughnuts.  Our café is always looking for good help.  If you’d like to volunteer to start the coffee or pick up doughnuts, there is a signup sheet in the café area.

During COVID-19 our worship times and opportunities have changed, and thus we will not be opening the Resurrection Cafe at this time. You can find info about our services at this link or can tune into them virtually at our YouTube channel, and offering other forms of fellowship and bible study on social media through ZOOM. Please watch our “COVID-19 & PHASES OF RE-OPENING” Announcement, as well as other communication from the office for information on how our programs will be changing during this time.