Office Manager

Jeanne Ralston

Jeanne Ralston is our Administrative Office Manager, beginning her duties in August, 2017

She handles all matters from producing the weekly bulletins and The Messenger, our monthly newsletter. along with the monthly calendar.  She also is responsible for assembling and publishing the Annual Report.

Jeannie and her husband, Brian, have two children, Jack and Kristin, both Gretna High School students.

Contact Jeanne at 402-332-3383

Desiree Stednitz

Desiree Stednitz is our Financial Officer Manager and began her duties in January 2017.

She handles all financial  matters such as bookkeeping, including accounts payable, and produces reports for the council treasurer and those reported in The Messenger and Annual Report to the congregation, as well.

Des and her husband, Andy, have three daughters; Lydia, Regina and Anna, all students Gretna High.

Contact Des at 402-332-3383.

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