In any organization, communication is key; and Resurrection has several publications to keep our faith family informed of activities, special events, and other items of interest.  Each month, The Messenger is published and distributed to our members via the regular mail, and as email for those who prefer that venue.  In addition, several months are published here, on our website.  Each Sunday, the Bulletin contains announcements and other news along with the order of service and is also published on our website.  In addition, we communicate with Facebook at and Twitter at  @RELCgretna. In addition, events and activities are announced before each service on Sunday mornings. 

If you have an item to be published or announced,  the office has developed a table that outlines the deadlines for submissions for our communication network, so that they can ensure that an item is published in a timely fashion:  Office Due Date Information.  Please refer to this table when submitting items.

During COVID-19 our worship times and opportunities have changed. You can find info about our services at this link or can tune into them virtually at our YouTube channel, and offering other forms of fellowship and bible study on social media through ZOOM. Please watch our “COVID-19 & PHASES OF RE-OPENING” Announcement, as well as other communication from the office for information on how our programs will be changing during this time.  News 

















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