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Sometimes things we do with little effort have the biggest impact; like saving product labels or pop can tops, for instance. Here are some of the little things we can all do to help further RELC’s impact on our community:

Save aluminum pop cans (soda cans to some of you).

The cans can be placed in the small shed on the west side of the church next to the outside door accessing the kitchen.  Periodically, the cans are sold and funds help to support the youth of our church in their mission activities.

Save “Best Choice” food labels.

The Local and World Service team is collecting Best Choice labels. The money raised will be donated to Gretna Neighbors to support their efforts and to support the activities of Project Hope.  Find the Best Choice receptacle provided in the Outreach Corner at church.

Save the hotel toiletries when you travel.

Please consider saving the travel size hygiene items from hotels and donating them to our veterans. Veterans admitted to the VA Hospital are not provided with basic hygiene items during their stay and these are the perfect size. The LWST will gather them throughout the year and will be donating to the VA Hospital in Omaha. Please place unused items you’ve saved in the designated area by the yellow shelving, in the Outreach Corner.

Donate canned and dry-packaged food goods.

Purchase an extra few canned goods every so often.  Bring them to church and place them on the shelves in the Outreach Corner.  From time to time, the groceries are delivered to Project Hope and to the Gretna Neighbors Food Pantry.

Use the TAGG smartphone app when you are shopping.

As you download your receipts from participating businesses, up to 5% portion of the sale is donated to the cause of your choice.  When you choose Resurrection Lutheran as your cause, funds from TAGG go to support the Good Samaritan Funds in Gretna, which helps transients and others in need.   Read all about TAGG here.  Don’t use a smartphone? — save the receipts and bring them to church.  Members of the LWST will download them for you using their device.