Health Ministry

healthThe Health Ministry Team promotes spiritual and physical health wellness within RELC’s congregation and throughout the Gretna community.

The 8-member-team consists of registered nurses and others, who do a lot:  organize health fairs for low-cost flu vaccinations, offer monthly blood pressure checks (third Sunday each month between services),  provide free colon cancer screenings during Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March each year, and other events to promote healthy living.   The team is responsible for organizing CPR & Defibrillator certification classes, conducting low-impact exercise for seniors 50+ (Friday mornings), and hold twice-weekly Tai Chi classes on Monday & Wednesday mornings.  A message from our Health Ministry Team on current health issues appears in The Messenger, RELC’s monthly newsletter.

“Our pastor often uses the phrase ‘God wants us to be the best version of ourselves .’  Part of that involves our physical, spiritual and emotional health – a mission we incorporate into our programs,” notes Team leader, Nicki Ayer.

Go Greenhealth2
The Health Ministry supports green living, encouraging recycling & organizing Earth Day programs – are other team objectives.

Splash Ministry
This program is for parents and babies ages 1 month to 36 months. The Health Ministry Team distributes Nebraska Synod-published child development literature, parenting, and faith-based suggestions that we give to new parents — encouraging physical & spiritual child development health.

Allergy-Free Communion
health3“We know that some congregants are unable to take communion because they’re allergic to our wheat wafers.  So, we have obtained allergy-resistant, gluten-free wafers. They cost more, but are important for RELC to provide,” notes Ayer.

Jerusalem Journey
During the 2014 Lenten season, the Health Ministry team organized a 6500 mile physical/spiritual walk, metaphorically speaking, from Gretna to Jerusalem. Ninety-one participants traveled 15,554 miles.

“We had great participation and great results! I am really excited about that,” said Nicki Ayer, a team organizer.

The Health Ministry Team Activities:
Prayer Shawl Knitting
Tai Chi Classes 
Low-impact Classes

Medical Supply Closet
“We accept donations for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and the like – just about any item that people can re-use,” said Nicki Ayer. Before you drop off gently used equipment, please first contact Nicki Ayer first to discuss needs and space availability.

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