Faith Stepping Stones

stepThe S.E.E.D. teams “Faith Stepping Stones Program” offers ministry to families with newborn children from birth to graduating seniors. RELC offers a variety of support for first-time moms and dads, ranging from mailers that contain information on how to prepare babies for Baptism & Sunday school, to in-house visits by an RELC nurse practitioner. On the first day of Sunday school for toddlers age 3, RELC presents them with a picture Bible.

Sunday School starts at age 3.  At the beginning of the Sunday School year, our toddlers are presented with a picture Bible.

3rd Grade
Each fall we give our 3rd graders a new Bible. They and their parents attend a one-day workshop learning how to use and read their new Bible.

4th Grade
Our 4th graders participate in a worship workshop in October learning about our worship and why we do what we do. The children are trained to be Acolytes.

5th Grade
Fifth-graders and their parents attend a 3-session class for 1st Communion. When the class ends, they can receive communion with their faith community.

6th Grade
We believe that we learn the faith best by looking over the shoulder of an adult role model. Our 6th graders select a mentor. Together, the pair walks through the Gospel of Luke throughout the school year and makes a cross to share with someone special.

Following the 6th Grade, our young people enter the Confirmation program, which prepares them to affirm their Baptism and become young adult members of the church.

Following Confirmation, our young people are encouraged to join The Underground, our church youth group.  The name was chosen by the group because they meet in the church basement on Wednesday evenings.  They meet to enjoy Christian fellowship with their peers as they have devotions, play games, assist in events at the church, and go on mission trips during the summer.

Learn more about the Faith Stepping Stones Program, Confirmation classes, and youth group.

Call the office at 402-332-3383.

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