College Aged Ministry Programs (CAMP)

CAMP stands for College-Aged Ministry Programs! These programs are designed for anyone post-high school to 25 years old! Anyone who graduated from high school and in their twenties is welcome to participate in events, even if you decided that college wasn’t your post-high school plans! We all have attended the “college of life” right? We want you all to have the opportunity to connect again, or connect with others your age!

This year, we’re starting up some programs for our college-aged youth! In addition to the SOCK program, we’re starting some get together dinners for our high school graduates and twenty-somethings to get back together! This event hopefully can give all of us that have gone on to the next step of our lives after high school, a chance to meet your friends and youth leaders again, and enjoy a fun dinner together!

Last December was our first dinner at eating at Local Beer Patio & Kitchen in Gretna (located in Nebraska Crossing. We caught some grub, catch up, and enjoy time together again!

If you’re interested in attending CAMP dinners in the future, joining the sock program, or other CAMP events, contact Lona Pinkall at!