Benevolence and Mission

missionLove thy neighbor. RELC’s Benevolence & Mission Team strives to do God’s work of restoring communities in Jesus’ name locally, nationally and worldwide.

Donations Help Worldwide
RELC earmarks 10% of our offerings to the Nebraska Synod and National ELCA , supporting mission causes like Hurricane relief, Oaks Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, anti-malaria campaigns in third world countries; as well as provide hunger, education and money grants to dig wells in Tanzania – where our sister congregation resides.

mission2Donations Help Locally
RELC donates an additional 4% to local ministries such as stocking shelves of Gretna Neighbors Food Pantry.  Funds also feed the hungry & homeless at the Sienna Francis House, Project Hope, in North Omaha, and other various community organizations.  RELC also supports other local non-profits as well; such as Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries and Table Grace Café.

Nebraska Prison Ministry
The team supports RELC’s Prison Ministry at the State Penitentiary in Lincoln. Specifically, during the devastating 2012 Missouri River flooding, the Benevolence & Mission Team supplied recovery dollars. When a 2006 ice storm knocked out power to Central Nebraska homes, the team sent money for generators.

“On a personal level, that’s what God put us here to do, to take care of each other. I like to be involved and help decide where the money is distributed,” said Jeanne Ralston, leader of the Benevolence & Mission Team.

For more information, call the office at 402-332-3383.


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