We at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Gretna Nebraska believe the sacrament of Baptism is a Covenant made between an individual and God – which is eternal. This crucial event in our Lutheran faith life generally takes place within the 1st month or two of a child’s birth, although RELC conducts adult Baptisms, too.

In Baptism we hear God’s voice say “you are my beloved child.” We are then marked with the Cross of Christ forever.

Families Seek “Sponsors”

With the advent of modern laws & wills, gone are the days of naming Godparents, typically. In its place are “sponsors”. At Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church in Gretna Nebraska, the parents of a soon-to-be-baptized infant bestow the honor of a sponsor to someone special in their lives who pledge to help raise the child in the faith.

The sponsor promises that the child shall attend Sunday School and receive a Confirmation. A sponsor serves as a role model to the child – maintaining God’s Covenant.





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