7th Grade Confirmation Classes

7th Grade Confirmation is an in-class experience! This class includes a combination of great lessons and field trip opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor James!

Confirmands, if you miss a class you may download the weekly handout and PowerPoint presentation. Please go through the full presentation and fill out your handout as best you can. Some sections, like the weekly skit and questions that rely on classroom discussion, will not be possible to answer. This is OK, do your best. What you can fill out will be useful for quizzes.

09/12: Creation
Creation Handout, Creation Presentation
09/19: The Fall
The Fall Handout, The Fall Presentation
09/26: People of the Promise
People of the Promise Handout, People of the Promise Presentation

10/03: The Promise Continued
The Promise Continued Handout, The Promise Continued Presentation
10/10: Moses and the Wandering
Moses and the Wanderings Handout, Moses and the Wanderings Presentation
10/17: Of Tents of Kings
Of Tents and Kings Handout, Of Tents and Kings Presentation

11/07: The Psalms
The Psalms Handout, The Psalms Presentation
11/14: Wisdom Literature
Wisdom Literature Handout, Wisdom Literature Presentation

12/05: Voices of the Prophets
Voices of the Prophets – Handout, Voices of the Prophets – Presentation
12/19: Birth of Jesus
Lesson 02 – Birth of Jesus Handout Lesson 01 – Birth of Jesus Presentation